KSU Phi Delt Member Experience

The men of Phi Delta Theta share a commitment—to the intense bond of friendship between brothers, high academic achievement, and living life with integrity.

A Phi Delt has high expectations of, and for, himself and his brothers. He believes that one man is no man. He believes it is his personal challenge to “Go Far” in all that he does.

The Fraternity teaches men that these areas of commitment, outlined in The Bond of Phi Delta Theta, are not to be viewed as separate ideals, but as areas of discipline for daily life. Developments intellectually, in leadership, and in human service (to name a few) are vital to the Phi Delt man. Members of Phi Delta Theta will support, and in turn have the support of, his brothers as these principles are lived out.

Membership in Phi Delta Theta goes beyond belonging to a social organization. The men of Phi Delta Theta tell of the tremendous support that exists between brothers and how, during their college years, they developed self-confidence, leadership qualities, and a belief in the strength of their abilities. They believe their lifetime commitment to the Fraternity is one of the most important commitments they ever made.

“Since I’ve joined Phi Delt I’ve been gained invaluable leadership experience I wouldn’t have gained anywhere else on campus.”
Stepan Dilkes – Undergrad living at Phidelt house, Initiated 2014

“…our fraternity gave me the discipline, infrastructure, memories, and most of all friends and network needed to succeed not only in college but in my journey through life is something I will always enjoy. What sets Phi Delta Theta apart from the rest is the deep impact it made on those of us who are fortunate to be called Phi’s today.”
Byron Moore – Cerner Corporation, Initiated 2004

“It has been 45 years ago and occasionally will recall an event or something that happened at the fraternity and just laugh out loud thinking about it. What great times we had!”
Meryl Wilson – Kansas Judge, Initiated 1968

“It has been over 30 years since I was at K-State living with my fraternity brothers. Yet, I stay in very close contact with those friends. I’m closer to them than anyone from High School or earlier times. We still stay in touch and get together frequently.”
Walt Lane – President NetStandard, Inc., Initiated 1981

“Still enjoying & appreciating strong relationships thru Phi Delta Theta at Kansas State University”
Kent G. Worley – Landscape Architect, Initiated 1958

“Best time of my life, still laughing my ass off 30 years later. Great lessons in life, some were pretty tough to learn but in retrospect, they were worth it.”
Dean Watson – Vice President POET Ethanol Products, Initiated 1978

“The lifelong friends, professional connections, and great memories make joining Phi Delt one of the best decisions of my life.”
Michael Kraft – Mechanical Engineer Henderson Engineering, Initiated 2004

“My son is interested in fraternity life after hearing my stories and being witness to the life long friendships that I established while a Phi at Kansas Gamma.”
Doug Barton – Rapid Displays, Initiated 1981

“My decision to join the Phi Delt’s at K-State continues to reward me every day. The fraternity gave me unbelievable leadership experience, friends that will last a lifetime, and a support group that continues to grow even after graduation. Going greek is important, going Phi Delt is life-changing!”
James Barrick – Thermo Fisher Scientific, Initiated 2004