This Year’s House Project

The Housing Corporation and our chapter’s advisory board selects a major project to invest in each year. Active members of the fraternity and alumni may submit their ideas to the Housing Corporation Property Manager. The Property Manager will build this list based on critical need and added enhancements for our fraternity.

A great example of a major improvement for our fraternity is the completion of quality study space at the fraternity. It was understood that the library is crowded with lines at the printer and the fraternities and dorms internet service is slow. We decided to upgrade the Phi Delta Theta fraternity with the highest speed internet service available, business-class wifi access points throughout the house, and dedicated room of quiet cubicle workspace. There is also a new business-class Canon color copier/printer. We have added new carpet and track lighting plus we have painted the walls and ceilings. We also have a wonderful new exterior building with overhead door to securely store bicycles and lawn equipment is now also finished. As a result, these upgrades have notably attracted new high quality people to our fraternity!

Here are some additional projects we have recently completed:

  • Remodel of the living space on the third floor
  • Reface front of fraternity with new look
  • Remodeled living room, the fireplace and added library
  • Renovation of dining room
  • Addition of basketball court in back parking area.
  • Remodeled kitchen outfitted with new equipment.

If you are interested in knowing how to donate to our fraternity to support the funding for these projects click HERE to learn more about this and other ways to invest in our fraternity.