Famous Phis

Phi Delta Theta has initiated many men who have gone on to do notable things in their fields. Below, you will see a collection of ‘Famous Phis.’

Robert Allen, Wabash ’57, Former Chairman, AT&T

William W. Allen, Oklahoma State ’56, CEO Phillips Petroleum (Not Pictured)

Neil Armstrong, Purdue ’55, Astronaut, First man on the moon

James A. Baker, Texas ’57, Former Secretary of State

William B. Bankhead, Alabama 1893, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives 1934-41

Gary Bender, Wichita ’62, Television Sportscaster

Dirk Benedict, Whitman ’67, Actor

Bill Bixby, California ’56, Actor

Rich Brooks, Oregon State ’63, Football Coach, Kentucky

Chris Cagle, Northwest Missouri State ’90, Country Singer

Ron Cey, Washington State ’70, Former L.A. Dodger

Dabney Coleman, Texas ’53, Actor

Barber Conable, Cornell ’43, Former President of the World Bank

Tim Conway, Bowling Green ’56, Actor, Comedian

John Dasburg, University of Miami ’65, CEO, Burger King

Mark DeCarlo, Drake ’84, Actor & TV Host

Greg Dell’Omo, Pittsburgh ’77, President, Robert Morris University

George Eads, Texas Tech ’89, Actor

Roger Ebert, Illinois ’64, Film Critic, Columnist

Morgan Ensberg, Southern California ’98, Baseball Player

Weeb Ewbank, Miami University ’28, NFL Coach

George M. C. Fisher, Illinois ’62, CEO, Eastman Kodak

Ralph Friedgen, Maryland ’70, Maryland Football Coach

Lou Gehrig, Columbia University ’25, First Baseman, New York Yankees

Jack Ham, Penn State ’71, NFL Hall of Fame

Tom Harmon, Michigan ’41, 1940 Heisman-winner

Benjamin Harrison, Miami University 1853, Former U.S. President

Mark Hurd, Baylor ’79, CEO, Hewlett-Packard

F. Ross Johnson, Manitoba ’52, Former CEO of RJR Nabisco

Harry Kalas, Iowa ’59, Hall of Fame MLB Broadcaster and Voice of NFL Films

Hank Ketchum, Washington ’41, Cartoonist, “Dennis the Menace”

Francis D. Lyon, UCLA ’28, Academy Award Winning Director

J. Willard Marriott, Utah ’25, Founder, Marriott Hotels

Michael V. Martin, Minnesota State ’69, Chancellor, Colorado State

Michael McDonald, Southern Cal ’86 Actor

James McLamore, Cornell ’47, Founder, Burger King (Not Pictured)

Jason McManus, Davidson ’56, Editor-in-Chief, Time Magazine (Not Pictured)

Don Meredith, Southern Methodist ’60

James B. Milliken, Nebraska ’79, President, University of Nebraska

F. Story Musgrave,Syracuse ’58, Astronaut

Sam Nunn, Georgia Tech ’60, Former U.S. Senator

Jim Otto, Miami (Fl.) ’60, NFL Hall of Fame

Billy Payne, Georgia ’69, President, ’96 Atlanta Olympic Games Organizing Committee

Burt Reynolds, Florida Sate ’57, Actor
Grantland Rice, Vanderbilt 1901, Fames Sportswriter

Bob Schieffer, Texas Christian ’59, CBS News Anchor

Detlef Schrempf, Washington ’84, NBA All-Star

C.J. Silas, Georgia Tech ’53, Former CEO, Phillips Petroleum

John Smale, Miami ’49, Former CEO, Procter & Gamble

Roger Smith, Michigan ’52, Former Chairman of GM

Adlai Stevenson, Centre 1860, U.S. Vice President 1893-97

Steve Tasker, Northwestern ’84, NFL All-Pro

Mike Timlin, Southwestern ’88, MLB Player

John Tyson, Arkansas ’75, Chairman, Tyson Foods

Phil Walden, Mercer ’62, President, Capricorn Records

Doak Walker, Southern Methodist ’50, NFL Hall of Fame

Wes Welker, Texas Tech ’04, NFL Wide Receiver

William Weiss, Pennsylvania State ’51, CEO Ameritech Corp. (Not Pictured)

Gary Williams, Maryland ’68, Maryland Basketball Coach

Gary Wilson, Duke ’62, Former Chairman, Northwest Airlines

Ralph Wilson, Virginia ’40, Owner, Buffalo Bills

Trey Wingo, Baylor ’85, ESPN Sports Anchor

Robert E. Witt, Alabama ’79, President, University of Alabama

Frank Lloyd Wright, Wisconsin 1889, Architect