A. Scott Ritchie

Kansas ’54

Phi Delta Theta Foundation Trustee awarded with Legion of Merit

The Legion of Merit Award honors those outstanding members of our Fraternity who have made a lifelong commitment to the service of Phi Delta Theta. The recipients of this award are not only living testimony that Phi Delta Theta is a “Fraternity for Life,” but they are also the men who give this phrase meaning for so many of us.

A. Scott Ritchie was initiated into Phi Delta Theta on February 25, 1951 at the Kansas Alpha Chapter at the University of Kansas.

Brother Scott Ritchie became a member of the Phi Delta Theta Foundation board of trustees in 2001, serving through 2009.

He currently serves as Chairman of Ritchie Exploration, Inc., an oil and gas exploration and production company. Scott is also Chairman of the Board of Hallrich, Inc., owners and operators of Pizza Hut restaurants in northeastern Ohio. Scott is president of Highland Ranch Company, a cattle ranching operation located in the Flint Hills area of Kansas.

Brother Ritchie has served as national president of the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists and president of the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association. He has served as chairman of the Kansas Geological Survey Advisory Committee and as chairman of the board of the International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association. Scott is the recipient of the Haworth Award given by the University of Kansas for Distinguished Alumni Honors in Geology and the Fred Ellsworth Medallion for unique and significant service to the University of Kansas. He currently serves on the Geology Associates Advisory Board for the Geology Department for the University of Kansas. He and his wife, Carol, reside in Wichita and have three children, A. Scott III, a Phi Delt from Kansas Alpha, Tom and Ann.

For his lifelong dedication and commitment to Phi Delta Theta, the Fraternity honors Brother A. Scott Ritchie with the Legion of Merit.

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